Not Someobody Else's Problem - Mine. By Abhas Abhinav

No Somebody Else's Problem; Mine.


Here is an exhaustive list of websites I edit or maintain or participate in:

DeepRoot GNU/Linux -

The company website for DeepRoot GNU/Linux.

Mostly Harmless -

Website of my “experimental” one-person company, Mostly Harmless.

My Blog -

This website! :)

Free Talk Show -

An upcoming talk show with people who care about software freedom!

What is a Free Software Business? -

A one-page website about how to define a “Free Software Business”.

Choose Self Hosted Education -

An upcoming website and initiative about self-hosting and free software for engineering education.

The SEP Wiki -

A general-purpose wiki and documentation website

The mhx230 Manual -

An upcoming manual on how to build and use Lenovo X230 laptops flashed with Coreboot

The IoT Lab Manual -

The lab manual (still incomplete) built to back an IoT lab in a college.

deepOfix Demo Page -

A demo of the deepOfix mail server.

Hammer Today -

Our mail relay and bulk-mailing service and tools.

The deepOfix Development Page -

The upcoming deepOfix mail server development website

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